USA Ultimate Releases Seeding For 2015 Club National Championships


USA Ultimate announced this afternoon the seedings for the 2015 National Championships in Frisco, Texas which begin next week.

First up, the seeding for the three divisions.


Pool APool BPool CPool D
San Francisco Revolver (1)Austin Doublewide (2)Seattle Sockeye (3)Michigan High Five (4)
Chicago Machine (8)Portland Rhino (7)Washington DC Truck Stop (6)Denver Johnny Bravo (5)
Philadelphia Patrol (12)Raleigh Ring of Fire (11)Florida United (10)Boston Ironside (9)
Madison Club (13)Minneapolis Sub Zero (14)Toronto GOAT (15)Kansas City Prairie Fire (16)


Pool APool BPool CPool D
Boston Brute Squad (1)San Francisco Fury (2)Seattle Riot (3)Denver Molly Brown (4)
San Francisco Nightlock (8)Atlanta Ozone (7)Washington DC Scandal (6)Vancouver Traffic (5)
Madison Heist (12)New York Bent (11)Portland Schwa (10)Quebec Iris (9)
Toronto Capitals (13)Austin Showdown (14)Raleigh Phoenix (15)Chicago Nemesis (16)


Pool APool BPool CPool D
Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust (1)Ames Chad Larson Experience (2)Boston Wild Card (3)Boston Slow White (4)
Seattle Mixtape (8)Atlanta Bucket (7)San Francisco Polar Bears (6)San Francisco Blackbird (5)
Madison NOISE (12)New York Metro North (11)Boulder Love Tractor (10)Philadelphia AMP (9)
New York 7 Express (13)Washington DC Ambiguous Grey (14)Seattle Birdfruit (15)Chicago The UPA (16)


Schedules for each division are available here: Men’s, Women’s, Mixed. Games begin at 9 AM Central time on Thursday, October 1.

More reactions and analyses to come.

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