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Dan Berk is the Multimedia Director of Ultiworld. He went to NYU and studied Film and TV at Tisch: School of the Arts with an emphasis in post production.

You can reach him by email ([email protected]) or on Twitter (@dlberk).

  1. Ultiworld Top 10: Queen City Tune Up

    Here are the top 10 plays from the Queen City Tune Up in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  2. Introducing The Ultiworld Video Store

    Ultiworld is pleased to announce its new Video Store, where you will be able to purchase and view all of our full game footage from throughout the year. Check out the store front to see all the available video content, including plenty of free game footage.

  3. Warm Up 2013 Game Of The Tournament: Wisconsin v. Pittsburgh

    On Friday night in the showcase game at Florida Warm Up, Pittsburgh took on Wisconsin in a rematch of last year’s College Championships final.

  4. Warm Up 2013 – Wisconsin v. Pittsburgh (Semi-Finals)

    [youtube pY92-NBnB5c 600 377]

  5. Warm Up 2013 – Wisconsin v. Texas (Finals)

    [youtube DLhgO46m2aQ 600 377]

  6. Warm Up 2013 – Carleton College v. Wisconsin

    [youtube F-Kuln4Ve0k 600 377]

  7. Warm Up 2013 – Carleton College v. Florida State University

    [youtube rkzFsTGnM3M 600 377]

  8. Warm Up 2013 – Cornell v. Florida State University

    [youtube P7nhgeK3pMc 600 377]

  9. Warm Up 2013 – Carleton College v. Pittsburgh

    [youtube RtVHVnlYqSM 600 377]

  10. Warm Up – Texas Vs. Dartmouth

    Texas faced off against Dartmouth at Warmp Up in Tampa, FL.

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