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In the second installment of our Offseason Interview series, we catch up with four-time PDGA World Champion Valarie Jenkins, who says it's time to "hunker down" as she and Nate Doss focus on the future.

Ricky Wysocki: The Offseason Interview

We recently caught up with PDGA World Champion Ricky Wysocki for a conversation about his 2016 season, what's in store for 2017, and life on the road.

By Orion Burt

Philo Brathwaite: ‘Aware Of The Beauty Of Life’

Philo Brathwaite, disc golf's most prominent black player, talks race, community, and connection in the sport.

By Orion Burt

How To Play In The Wind

From two of the most successful strategists in the game, a comprehensive, in-depth education on how to prepare for and adapt to windy conditions better than your opponent.

By Orion Burt

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How To Do Wildwood

A 6-chapter opus on winning Wildwood, from avoiding traffic to rocking out at the Bolero.

By Orion Burt

From UPA to USAU

Over three meticulously researched parts, Kyle Weisbrod makes the case that the relationship between USAU and its members is at an all-time low and lays out the history of decisions and organizational changes that led to this point.

By Orion Burt

Ultimate Revolution

Achievement can be measured a number of ways: titles, accolades, and records are all standard means to convey success. By Orion Burt.

A Team of Their Own

The Native American dream catcher finds its origin in the Ojibwe Nation. By Orion Burt.