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Ultiworld’s RSS feed is located at the convenient-to-remember… If you are using Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, or have installed an RSS reader plugin, that link should treat you well.

If you are looking to subscribe to our podcasts, go to the podcast archive page for Deep Look, Sin The Fields, or AUDL Roundup.

However, if you are using Chrome, these links may pop up an ambiguous file download box.
The problem: Chrome did not originally have a built-in way to read RSS, so when you go to a direct RSS URL, it may not know what to do. And, when Chrome doesn’t know what to do, the default action is to treat it as a downloadable file.

The solution: Right-click on the link and “Copy link location”. Paste the URL into your RSS reader of choice to subscribe.
Alternate solution: Install an extension to endow Chrome with RSS parsing/subscription abilities. Two popular options:
RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)
RSS Feed Reader (by Erik Rothoff)

If you’re still having difficulties, contact Orion (@oburt or and he’ll get things sorted out.

P.S. Our default RSS feed excludes content that might not be relevant for everyone (namely, deals blog posts and subscriber-only content). If you’d prefer to use an RSS feed with all Ultiworld content, you can use (this feed does not include full post text though, due to the increased breadth of content).


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