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We have had a large increase in comments on Ultiworld in the past few months. While that is great, we’ve also started to lose the signal (quality comments) in the noise (nasty, off-topic, or otherwise useless comments).

While our comment policy remains the same (we delete slanderous, hateful, or ad hominem attacks on writers, players, or other commenters; we also delete grammatical/spelling correction comments once they are fixed), we are going to start to use a new Disqus feature more frequently: highlighting comments.

Particularly good comments will be moved to the top of the comments section and really good comments may even be featured in the Editors’ Blog. We want to facilitate an interesting and useful discussion in the comments, not a pissing match between rival college teams (ahem).

Please note: frequent hostility or name calling will result in users being banned from commenting. Don’t make us go there.

  1. Charlie Eisenhood
    Charlie Eisenhood

    Charlie Eisenhood is the editor-in-chief of Ultiworld. You can reach him by email (charlie@ultiworld.com) or on Twitter (@ceisenhood).

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