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    Shame. vs. Public Enemy | Mixed Final

    Watch Fort Collins shame. take on Dallas Public Enemy in the mixed final, a game to go to nationals, at the 2022 South Central Regional!

  4. Video for full subscribers

    Love Tractor vs. Public Enemy | Mixed 2nd Place Final

    Watch Denver Love Tractor take on Dallas Public Enemy in the mixed second place final, a game to go to nationals, at the 2022 South…

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    Tournament Talk: The Texas Swing Comes to a Close

    The Thorn is a nice course, lovely really, and I would be excited to play it myself.

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    Grit vs. BENT | Women’s Round Robin

    Watch Washington DC Grit take on New York BENT at the DC Women’s Round Robin!

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    Tuesday Tips: Building A Bag [Getting Started – Pt. 1]

    One of the challenges you may face as you begin to get more serious about disc golf is “building your bag” – deciding which discs…

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    Test Livewire

    Will it work without a category?

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    Valarie Jenkins: The Offseason Interview

    In the second installment of our Offseason Interview series, we catch up with four-time PDGA World Champion Valarie Jenkins, who says it's time to "hunker down" as she and Nate Doss focus on the future.

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