Past Articles in Best Perspective

  1. Language in Ultimate: Defensive Positioning

    Get on the same page defensively with a comprehensive set of terminology.

  2. Interpreting Tricky Receiving Fouls

    How would you rule on these plays?

  3. The Forehand: Part Four (Best Practices)

    Kyle Weisbrod breaks down the mechanics of a huge range of throwers to identify best practices for the forehand.

  4. The Forehand: Part 3

    This is the third part in a four part series on the forehand.

  5. The Forehand: Part Two

    Useful written descriptions and analysis of the forehand.

  6. The Forehand: Part I

    Kyle Weisbrod begins a four-part series on the forehand.

  7. Words About Words: The Language And Jargon In Ultimate Matters

    The words we use matter for understanding, emphasis, and community.

  8. USA Ultimate Observers Are Acting Like Referees. That Shouldn’t Happen.

    USA Ultimate's observers are increasingly making subjective, active calls. Does that make them referees?

  9. Interpreting The USA Ultimate Mailbag

    Kyle Weisbrod digs into USA Ultimate's latest public statement.

  10. Will Play Ultimate For Money

    Getting paid to play ultimate doesn't have to be a dream.

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