Past Articles in Canada

  1. Canadian Prime Minister Throws Weight Behind WJUC Bid

    The city of Waterloo is bidding to host the 2018 World Juniors Ultimate Championships, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would love to see it…

  2. Team Canada 2016 WJUC Rosters Announced

    Check out the Team Canada rosters for the 2016 World Juniors and Ultimate Championships!

  3. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Sends VC Owner Thank You Note For Jersey & Disc

    VC Ultimate owner Adriana Withers sent new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a congratulatory letter, a Team Canada jersey, and a VC disc.

  4. 2016 Team Canada Logo

    Ultimate Canada just released a new crest for 2016.

  5. Team Canada Women’s Roster Announced For WUGC 2016

    Ultimate Canada has announced the 28 women that will represent Canada in the Women’s Division at the 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships in London.

  6. Initial Team Canada Open Roster Announced For WUGC 2016

    Ultimate Canada has announced the initial roster of 36 players that will comprise Team Canada in the Open Division at WUGC 2016 in London.

  7. When A Spirit Timeout Can Be Effective

    Team USA crossed the line in the U23 Open final. But they reeled it back in.

  8. U23 Worlds 2015: Team USA Takes Home Two Golds, And A Heartbreaking Silver, Presented By VC Ultimate

    The US Open and Mixed teams came away with gold, but the US Women came up short against a brilliant performance from Japan.

  9. U23 Worlds 2015: International Monday Recap, Presented By VC Ultimate

    Some huge upsets peppered a drizzly Monday in London.

  10. U23 Worlds 2015: International Team Previews, Presented By VC Ultimate

    A look at some of the top -- and most interesting! -- international teams headed to U23 Worlds.

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