Past Articles in College Championships

  1. A Liveblog test


  2. USAU Announces Final College Rankings, Bid Allocation

    Here's the final bid picture! Bring on the Series.

  3. Here Are The 2016 College Championships Logos

    Here are the 2016 USA Ultimate College Championships and DIII College Championships logos.

  4. USA Ultimate Releases Statement Opposing North Carolina Legislation

    USA Ultimate has released a statement opposing North Carolina’s House Bill 2, which blocks transgender people from using bathrooms and locker rooms that do not…

  5. College Championships Wrap: Trap Games, Face Masks, & Jon NetherClone

    Ultiworld’s College Championships reporting crew each picked a topic and ran with it for this College Championships wrap up feature.

  6. Oregon’s Pace Too Much For UBC: Semifinals Recap, Presented By Ultimate Central

    Oregon dispatched UBC to reach the finals as the favorite.

  7. Heavy Favorite Stanford To Face Off Against Carleton In Semis: Preview Presented By Ultimate Central

    Stanford has been red hot all weekend long.

  8. Quarterfinals Preview: 2015 College Championships (Women’s), Presented By Ultimate Central

    A look at the four quarterfinals in the women's division at the 2015 College Championships

  9. In Our Own Words: Washington Connecting New Elements to Old

    Washington Element's roster has changed dramatically since last season, in large part due to the addition of seven graduate student transfers. Yet they'll be one of the most unified - and dangerous - teams at Nationals.

  10. “Is This Enough?”: UVictoria Looks Towards Nationals

    A family atmosphere and good attitude have helped Victoria return to Nationals for the second straight year.

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