Past Articles in College Series

  1. In Our Own Words: Washington Connecting New Elements to Old

    Washington Element's roster has changed dramatically since last season, in large part due to the addition of seven graduate student transfers. Yet they'll be one of the most unified - and dangerous - teams at Nationals.

  2. “Is This Enough?”: UVictoria Looks Towards Nationals

    A family atmosphere and good attitude have helped Victoria return to Nationals for the second straight year.

  3. Pool B Preview: 2015 College Championships (Women’s), Presented By Ultimate Central

    A compelling pool with at least two true title contenders, Pool B will be treacherous for every team in it.

  4. New England D-I Regionals 2015: Tournament Preview (Women’s)

    The two-bid New England Region looks like a fight for the top between Dartmouth and Tufts. But there are some sneaky good teams eyeing the backdoor game.

  5. Metro East D-I Regionals 2015: Tournament Preview (Women’s)

    Handicapping the Metro East is a difficult endeavor: do you take incumbent #1 seed Cornell, up and coming star-studded #2 Princeton, the legacy of #7 Ottawa, or maybe one-loss #4 UConn?

  6. Southwest D-I Regionals 2015: Tournament Preview (Women’s)

    Stanford and UCLA are the two heavy favorites to win the Southwest's two bids. But the Southwest's crown is a prize worth fighting for.

  7. Ohio State, Pittsburgh Battle To Double Game Point In Ohio Valley Women’s Final

    In a true Ohio Valley slugfest, Ohio State and Pittsburgh came down a single point to decide who would win the region.

  8. 2015 Ohio Valley D-I Regionals: Tournament Preview (Women’s)

    The Ohio Valley's two bids give security to the two favorites, but both Pitt and Ohio State both want to plant their flag at Regionals.

  9. 2015 Southeast D-I Regionals: Tournament Preview (Women’s)

    Three top candidates and a field full of danger are just the status quo for the Southeast.

  10. 2015 Atlantic Coast D-I Regionals: Tournament Preview (Women’s)

    Another one bid year for the Atlantic Coast means it's a scramble to survive only to face a finely tuned Virginia team looking for a 4th straight regional title.

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