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  1. Women’s National Championship Now Available On YouTube

    You can now watch the Women’s National Championship game between Boston Brute Squad and Seattle Riot in full on YouTube.

  2. Drag’N Thrust, Seattle Mixtape Set For Another Epic Showdown

    Mixtape and Drag'N Thrust meet for the third time this season, this time for all the marbles.

  3. Dynasty Days: What Is Scandal Building?

    With their second straight National Championship, has Washington D.C. Scandal started their own dynasty?

  4. Defensive-Minded Scandal Wins Back-to-Back Titles

    The championship rematch of Scandal and Fury didn't play the same as last year's, but the end result was the same.

  5. Big Rematch To Open Up Sunday At 2014 US Open: Finals Preview (Mixed)

    Minneapolis Drag'N Thrust and San Francisco Polar Bears will face off in the finals of the US Open, a rematch of the 2013 National Championship game.

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