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  1. Tuesday Tips: How Ultimate’s New One Game Format Impacts Your Nutrition, Presented By Five Ultimate

    What you should eat when prepping for a tournament isn't the same when you only have a single game in a day.

  2. Polar Bears Get Even With Drag’N Thrust In US Open Title Game

    A rematch of last year's National final went the San Francisco Polar Bears' way this time around, as they beat home team Minneapolis Drag'N Thrust 15-12 in the US Open final.

  3. Revolver Flashes Trademark Depth To Topple Bravo, Win US Open

    San Francisco Revolver again showed they are the class of the Men's Division with a 14-12 victory over Denver Johnny Bravo in the finals of the 2014 US Open.

  4. After Long Season, A Familiar Rematch In Finals: Game Preview

    After all the ups and downs of the regular season, here we are. Emerging without significant challenge to the finals are the two teams we should have expected all along: Colorado and North Carolina.

  5. Ohio State Wins Their First-Ever National Title

    Ohio State Fever solidified a 43 game winning streak and their first National Championship with a 15-11 win over Oregon, ending Fugue’s dynastic dreams.

  6. OSU And Oregon Rematch In National Title Game: Preview

    A lot of adjectives have been attached to Ohio State and Oregon, but few apply to both teams. Oregon is physical, fast, aggressive, and forceful.

  7. Scandal Gets Their Shot To Take Down Fury: Championship Game Preview

    FRISCO — Scandal will finally have their Club Championship chance.  The question is whether the D.C.

  8. Highlight Reel: New Zealand National Championships

    Thanks to, yesterday’s Open finals matchup of the New Zealand Nationals is posted free on YouTube.

  9. 2012 Colombian Nationals: Open Finals Full Game Footage (Mamoots v. Euforia)

    At this year’s Colombian Nationals, Euforia and Mamoots, both from Bogotá, faced off in the National Championship.

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