Past Articles in MVP

  1. Ultiworld MVP: Daniel Gillick and Susan Batchelder (Blackbird)

    Ultiworld’s Orion Burt talked with Daniel Gillick and Susan Batchelder of San Francisco’s Blackbird, winner of the 2012 USA Ultimate Mixed Club Championship.

  2. Ultiworld MVP: Alex Snyder (Fury)

    Alex Snyder of San Francisco’s Fury got the nod as the Finals MVP after she led the team to a strong 15-9 victory over Seattle’s…

  3. Ultiworld MVP: Josh Markette (Ironside)

    Boston Ironside’s Josh Markette received one of Ultiworld’s MVP Awards for his fantastic play in the 2012 Club Championships.

  4. Ultiworld MVP: Dalton Smith (Doublewide)

    Dalton Smith, the Doublewide rookie and Texas A&M sophomore, had a spectacular tournament at the 2012 Club Championships.

  5. Ultiworld MVP: Max Cook (Doublewide)

    Austin Doublewide’s Max Cook played great throughout the Club Championships, but his huge game against Boston’s Ironside in the semifinals earned him the Ultiworld MVP.

  6. Ultiworld MVP: Calise Cardenas (Seattle Riot)

    Not only did Calise Cardenas have the play of the game in Seattle Riot’s finals loss to San Francisco’s Fury at the Club Championships, she…

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