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  1. USAU Statement On Distinction Between Union & BYU Regarding Bid Allocation

    Difference is "subtle and nuanced" -- no "significant" reason to contradict stated guidelines in BYU case, says USAU.

  2. Latest USAU Ranking Approximations: Easterns & Centex Shake Things Up

    Get an early look at the bid scenarios.

  3. We Approximated The USAU College Rankings: See The Early Bid Picture

    We crunched the numbers of the USAU algorithm.

  4. 2015 New York Bent Highlights

    What a fun highlight reel!

  5. Kurt Gibson Headed To Boston Ironside

    The club season hot stove starts cooking...

  6. Welcome Back: College Men’s 2016 Primer

    After winter storms shut down ultimate on the east coast last weekend, we finally begin meaningful regular season men’s college ultimate this weekend around the…

  7. Welcome Back: College Women’s 2016 Primer

    The holidays may be behind us, but the most wonderful time of the year is ahead: the real start to the college season.

  8. Big Wrench 2015 Highlights

    Boston’s Big Wrench shows you exactly how to make a highlight reel. This is great stuff from Charles Reiff.

  9. Northeast Regionals 2015: Full Men’s Tournament Recap

    A deeper look at Northeast Regionals, where Ironside and GOAT are headed, and what to make of the rest of the competitors.

  10. 2015 Women’s Division Regionals Recap

    The women's Regionals field shook out largely as expected.

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