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  1. Tournament Talk: The Texas Swing Comes to a Close

    The Thorn is a nice course, lovely really, and I would be excited to play it myself.

  2. Tuesday Tips: Building A Bag [Getting Started – Pt. 1]

    One of the challenges you may face as you begin to get more serious about disc golf is “building your bag” – deciding which discs…

  3. Tuesday Tips: Building A Bag [Utility Discs – Pt. 4]

    Some of the most common compliments that reviewers give discs are “it holds any angle” or “it can hit any line.

  4. A Team of Their Own

    The Native American dream catcher finds its origin in the Ojibwe Nation.

  5. Feeling Down On The Distance Record? No Need For That

    Wind or not, these were tremendous throws.

  6. Wiggins Tops 1100 Feet To Smash WFDF Distance Record

    The 1000 foot barrier has been crossed, and then some.

  7. ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ At This Weekend’s High Desert Distance Challenge

    Lizotte looks to defend, others to break WFDF distance records.

  8. Lack Of Women’s Division In DGWT Draws Criticism

    Should the Disc Golf World Tour create a female-only division?

  9. DGWT Releases Viewership Stats, Scraps Livestream For Second Stop

    A statistical retrospective.

  10. Did The Disc Golf World Tour Live Up To The Hype?

    Players weigh in.

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