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  1. Sin The Fields: Brodie Smith, Amazing Race, QCTU

    Brodie stars on this week's STF.

  2. Queen City Tune-Up 2016: Tournament Recap (Women’s)

    UCF has the buzz, but there were lots of other impressive teams in North Carolina.

  3. UNC Wilmington Wins Instant Classic DGP Thriller Over UMass In QCTU Final

    A February game to remember.

  4. Central Florida Reigns Supreme, Rolls Past Pitt in QCTU Final

    UCF was simply overpowering.

  5. Watch Jinxcam’s Coverage Of UMass v. UW-Milwaukee

    NC State’s Jinxcam was out at QCTU recording some games, including this entertaining matchup between UMass and UW-Milwaukee during pool play.

  6. Queen City Tune-Up 2016: Tournament Preview (Women’s)

    The biggest college women's tournament of the early season, QCTU promises top flight matchups, surprises, and exciting first impressions.

  7. Queen City Tune Up 2016: Tournament Preview (Men’s)

    East coast college ultimate gets its engines going this weekend.

  8. Queen City Tune Up 2015: Tournament Recap (Women’s)

    The east elite gathered in Charlotte for early season action. Virginia emerged victorious with an impressive run. Find out what the rest of the landscape looks like following QCTU's results.

  9. Queen City Tune Up 2015: Virginia Weathers Wind, Ohio State in 15-5 Final

    Virginia took down Ohio State, a continuation of their dominant showing at Queen City Tune Up.

  10. Infographic: College Women’s Division Road To Nationals

    The road to Nationals in the College Women's Division.

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