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  1. Thursday Mailbag: Redshirt Freshmen, Spirit v. Sportsmanship, Mixed Division Changes

    Mailbag! Bonus extra long edition to make up for missing last week.

  2. We Can Do Better

    Jim Parinella’s excellent article Why Can’t We All Just Get Along seemed to arrive with a touch of clairvoyance as this extremely interesting thread on…

  3. The New USAU Bylaws: What They Mean And What We Still Don’t Know

    In late August, President of the USA Ultimate Board of Directors Mike Payne wrote a long article about some important changes coming to the organization’s…

  4. Pro Flight Finale: Tournament Recap (Men’s Division)

    Toronto's GOAT outlasted the competition at the Pro Flight Finale to come away with the 14-11 finals victory over Austin's Doublewide. With every team taking at least two losses, this year's competitive balance is better than ever and it's anyone's game in October.

  5. Teams Testing New Spirit Scoring System At College Champs

    As a part of their new five year strategic plan, USA Ultimate is looking for ways to “make Spirit of the Game real for today’s…

  6. We Need Yellow Cards: Cheating Requires Stricter Penalties And Ejections

    Self-officiating, personal accountability, and sportsmanship are the hallmarks of our sport. They are what set Ultimate apart from most other team sports.

  7. Spirit Championships Could Quickly Lose ‘Fun’ Focus

    The biggest Ultimate news last week was tournament organizer Trent Simmons’ announcement of the Spirit Championships, a tournament series envisioned as an alternative to the USA…

  8. The Spirit of MagnUM: Michigan Responds To QCTU Criticism

    I joined MagnUM in 2009 as a graduate of the Amherst Regional High School Ultimate program.

  9. More On The T-Town Spike: A Response To Central Florida Coach Andrew Roca

    On Skyd Magazine this morning, Andrew Roca, the head coach of Central Florida, wrote an op-ed about the T-Town Spike incident.

  10. Stick With Observers: People Cheat More When There Are Referees

    Yesterday, Ultiworld opinion columnist Alexander Palmer laid out his case for bringing full third-party referees into ultimate.

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