Past Articles in The Amazing Race

  1. The Krodie Files: A Dromedary Drama

    No elimination this week as #Krodie stays hot.

  2. The Krodie Files: The Ballad of #Blodie

    #Blodie is dead.

  3. The Krodie Files: Nobody Cares About The Janitor

    Another huge win for #TeamKrodie!

  4. The Krodie Files: Does A Baguette Count As Lunch?

    Brodie & Kurt have established themselves as one of the best teams in the race.

  5. The Krodie Files: When Two Sleeping Bags Became One

    Another W for #TeamKrodie, and the emergence of #Blodie.

  6. The Krodie Files: Brodie & Kurt Take Over First Place

    They win a free trip to Greece for finishing first.

  7. The Krodie Files: Volcanic Mud Baths, El Race-O, & More

    Brodie & Kurt finished in second place this week.

  8. Check Out Brodie & Kurt’s ‘Amazing Race’ Bios

    If you didn’t already know, Brodie Smith and Kurt Gibson are going to be on the next season (starting in February) of CBS’¬†Amazing Race.

  9. Brodie & Kurt Return From ‘Amazing Race’ Taping, Show Premieres Feb. 12

    Brodie Smith and Kurt Gibson have returned from taping CBS’ ‘The Amazing Race’ and are back in the United States (and on social media).

  10. Deep Look: Team USA Tryouts, AUDL Hot Stove, Brodie & Kurt

    Who's a lock to make Team USA? That and more on this week's podcast.

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