Past Articles in World Record

  1. Feeling Down On The Distance Record? No Need For That

    Wind or not, these were tremendous throws.

  2. Wiggins Tops 1100 Feet To Smash WFDF Distance Record

    The 1000 foot barrier has been crossed, and then some.

  3. Lizotte Sets New WFDF Distance World Record

    Allen, Korver also set new distance marks.

  4. ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ At This Weekend’s High Desert Distance Challenge

    Lizotte looks to defend, others to break WFDF distance records.

  5. Despite Cold & Injuries, Players Set World Record For Longest Ultimate Game

    Despite freezing temperatures, fatigue, and injuries, 30 players in Cheney, Washington, set the world record for the longest ultimate game late last month, playing for…

  6. Washington Players Currently Attempting To Play World’s Longest Ultimate Game

    Two years ago, Zack Ranck asked himself if there was a world record for the longest ultimate game ever played.

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